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Automotive Bdc Manager Job Description – Welcome to an anonymous interview with people who work at a retail car dealership. Want to know what’s on your BDC manager’s mind? You have come to the right place. We interviewed a BDC manager on the condition of anonymity so they could provide an immediate and accurate answer. Read on to find out what qualities an anonymous BDC manager looks for in a successful representative, the importance of hospitality in the situation, and the trends some entrepreneurs are trying with their BDC branches.

What do you want management to know about your role or department, but don’t feel comfortable saying it anonymously?

Automotive Bdc Manager Job Description

A well-functioning BDC is the price of an entrepreneur’s front-end success. Many times, salespeople working on the “floor” don’t want to work the phone and email with the same intensity. Today’s Internet allows consumers to have instant pricing and availability without ever leaving their computer screen. Statistics show that the first answer to a question is usually the dealer where the customer bought. BDC agents are the only agents who focus on fast internet/phone response and offer an excellent track record in getting potential customers through the door.

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My favorite part of being a department manager is seeing how the department contributes to total sales for the month. When I started, BDC was 32% of monthly sales. By the time I left the department, BDC had reached 83% of total sales for the month!

My least favorite is the huge amount of rejection. Each representative should contact 100 people a day. We hope to receive 10-20 appointments. That’s a lot of “No!” It takes a special person to make that day and night. This leads to my second least favorite: always wanting to hire and train new people. The change was always big!

If you had a magic wand, what would it be? What will help BDCs the most?

My magic wand would be anything that can provide an unlimited number of leads to the department. Leaders are the first step to success and it’s always a numbers game, so this will help most of the department.

Is Your Dealership Bdc Really Working For You?

They are very different. A salesperson is an individual who is able to work face-to-face with customers (eg, meet and greet, test drive, walk around cars, negotiate). BDC doesn’t sell cars, But what they do is the sales part. The BDR is the main point of contact with our customers, acting as a shop steward. Initial comments cannot be changed later. The BDC representative encourages the customer to take action and visit the dealer. Their job is to drive traffic! A realtor’s job is to show products, negotiate, and close deals. Both are essential to the success of a sales department.

In general, I believe that the sales team’s communication with our customers is essential to making a sale. Most of the time, the customer wants to deal with the BDC representative when they arrive because they are connected to them (not the salesperson on the ground). To make the transition smooth, we have a BDC representative come out, meet and greet the customer, then personally introduce the customer to the salesperson who will take the customer on a test drive. A BDC representative will be in a unified position to screen the customer during the sales process and help promote a family experience to customers.

I believe GM set the pace for this relationship. If the payment system is one department to another, the result will be an unstable relationship. However, if you are in a situation where a lead/customer is professionally transferred from a BDC representative to a copywriter, it should be a win-win for everyone involved. I can only tell my dealer and say it was a great job. Again, my GM set the pace and environment in a very good way.

Make payment plans that don’t interfere with each other. GM creates the right environment. The process involves both the BDC representative and the two salespeople working together to serve the customer.

Automotive Bdc Expert Services & Support — We’re Ait. We Deliver

In most cases – yes. If they can’t, they don’t have the right tools at their disposal. Nowadays, all the information of the vehicle should be in front of them. Sometimes we may receive a strange request like the interior color of the glove box and we will have to tow the car. However, this is not the rule, but the exception. BDC’s number one rule: once you connect with a client, don’t lose them until you make an appointment! Having all the information your customers are looking for at your fingertips is essential to effective and successful results.

In fact, the biggest problem we face is time! GM wants to get a car online quickly, but often it may not have a full description, no pictures, etc. and we have to find the car to answer the customer’s question. It is important to get ALL listings on the website fast.

The trend I’m seeing is that dealers are closing their BDC branches and trying to build their sales reps to do it all. I don’t know the success of this model. They have different skill sets, so it would be good to allow each team to specialize and see if passing is better.

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