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Earning your degree can help you increase your marketability, expand your network, and increase your earning potential. Whether you’ve been working for a while and want to explore new career paths or want to advance your career, a bachelor’s degree can be a solid reference to help you achieve any goal. No matter what you want to achieve, you can find high-quality, flexible and affordable online bachelor’s degrees from top accredited universities at .

Data Analyst Bachelor Degree Online

You don’t have to quit your job or move to a new city to graduate from a top university. With , you can earn the same degree, take the same curriculum, and learn from the same top faculty and industry experts as students on campus. Choose from online degree programs in today’s most in-demand fields.

Engineering Data Analytics

With lower tuition than most on-campus degree programs, online degrees provide access to an affordable, high-quality education. You get everything you need to achieve your goal. Many programs offer tuition fees, and you may qualify for scholarships, employer tuition, or financial aid. Discover financial resources to help you finance your degree and get the support you need to achieve your learning goals.

Begin your academic journey before you officially apply. Take courses, specializations and certificates pre-approved by the university and earn credits* towards applicable degree programs. If you decide to apply and are accepted, your courses may count toward your requirements. Online content is the “bunch” so you can complete your degree and achieve your goal on your terms.

Online degrees are based on technology that helps you make meaningful connections with your faculty and peers. From programs that offer live online classes to asynchronous self-paced classes, you choose what works for you. At every stage of your learning, you’ll have access to a dedicated online student support team, course facilitators and a network of peers.

The program was an opportunity for me to improve my ability to solve problems on a global scale.

How Studying A Top Economics Degree Can Lead To A Career In Data Science

Dr Marco Gillis is a Goldsmiths Lecturer in Computer Science at the University of London. He specializes in computer graphics, animation and new forms of interaction. He teaches at the BSc Computer Science and at the MA/MSc Virtual and Augmented Reality.

*Each university determines the number of pre-approved transfer credits that can count toward degree requirements in accordance with institutional policies. is an ad-supported site. Featured programs or trusted partner programs and school search, search or match results are for schools that pay us. This compensation does not affect our school rankings, resource guides or other editorially independent information published on this site.

While not all aspects of majors and degrees offer some form of online learning, many schools today are taking advantage of expanding their offerings. One of them is an online degree in data analytics and data science.

Universities now have structured virtual learning programs that can produce scholars with technical, leadership and business skills. They are the pride of these schools, contributing to technological growth and innovative systems of society.

Online Bachelors In Sociology Degree

The field of data analysis and data science is tasked with solving real-world problems in which they apply their knowledge of mathematics, statistics, humanities, and information technology.

Do you like numbers game? Would you like to join the data analyst team to make sense of the numbers? It seems like an odd question, but while numbers don’t have a purpose…they’re just NUMBERS! Raw data can become information that becomes very usable depending on its application, not to mention you can make a living as a data analyst.

Offering tons of job opportunities, the field of data analytics and data science is growing by leaps and bounds! Earning an online degree in data analytics will help you with your management skills, fuel your research and development spirit, and increase your employability.

An online data analytics degree program should equip students with the latest tools and training to prepare them for careers in the real world! By choosing the best online degree program, we believe you can hone your critical thinking and practical skills to be truly prepared for the field.

Bachelor Of Science In Accounting And Data Analysis Online

Our list of the 15 best online colleges for a degree in data analytics includes institutions of higher education across the country that have the most innovative online education strategies in this specific field of information technology.

These accredited colleges, located throughout the United States, also feature impressive faculty, recognized for their contributions, reasonable tuition fees, and outstanding reputations.

Please see our Methodology page for more information. If you’re ready to pursue a degree in data science or data analytics, consider this list of the best online programs!

Get ready to turn raw data into actionable information when you enroll at Western Governors University. Increase your career potential by earning a degree that many companies require. This will put you in a safe place while also earning well financially.

Bachelor’s Degree Program

This online data analysis program will prepare you to master database management and apply it to data management, analysis, and visualization. Your leadership and management skills will also increase as you move your career forward and become receptive to your instructor’s advice and criticism.

VGU’s online Bachelor of Science in Data Analytics program includes data management courses offered separately by other schools. With this two-in-one program, you’ll customize many skills and earn certifications from CompTIA and CIV.

Right before you graduate, you can already start working and add your experience to your resume. That’s a big boost when you’re looking for a job after graduation.

This online data science program offered by VSU is great for students who want to work for big data companies. All online courses will help you prepare for your future profession.

Data Analytics Certificate & Training

You can adapt to different tools and techniques, allowing you to manage, collect, analyze and explore complex data sets. Once you’ve collected them, you’ll learn how to report and communicate your findings as they help organizations make key business decisions.

Some of the related course areas you will focus on include data analysis, statistics, mathematics, computing and communication. After completing this program, there is no limit to what the industry would require of your skills and talents. Expect to improve your basic data skills and become a data analyst after completing the program.

If you are currently employed but have never given up on earning a degree, you have chosen the right program at Thomas Edison State University. Their data science and analytics degree will help you land a permanent job in the technology field.

With this 100% online program, you can take all courses and exams through online platforms. The university has partnered with, which offers online courses in data science and analytics, and you have to take them all.

Data Analyst Online Course

Your data science major will provide you with many courses such as computer science, statistics and mathematical modelling. Upon completion, expect to be good at analyzing data and providing insights and practical solutions to real-world business problems.

Learn how to manage big data initiatives and be prepared to work with related business processes when engaged by large organizations after earning this online degree in data analytics from Arizona State University.

This program is sufficient to sharpen your required knowledge and skills and enable you to tackle the challenges of solving data analysis problems on the spot. You will determine ways to efficiently collect data, disaggregate it, integrate tasks and analyze it for business applications. You will be able to work in organizations while practicing your technical skills.

After completing this program, you can work in both the public and private sectors. Some of the courses you can enroll in are data warehousing, dimensional modeling, visualization tools and techniques, data mining, and predictive analytics.

Data Analytics In Our Daily Life

When you work in the corporate world after earning this degree, you will not only contribute to your business as a data analyst, but you will also present data findings and integrate them into your organization’s overall goals.

This online degree program will help prepare you to be more than an employee, but a passionate contributor to society. This program is 100% online and will introduce you to hands-on learning to prepare you for a variety of real-world business scenarios.

Along with data mining and others, you’ll also get programming, SAS software, applied statistics, business intelligence, and information systems. Your broad range of skills will prepare you for the industry certification exam in analytics if you want to pass it.

You can also use this online bachelor’s degree to prepare yourself when you decide to enroll in master’s or graduate studies.

Lowongan Data Analyst

By earning an online bachelor’s degree in management and information systems and business analytics offered by Colorado State University Global, you will use the skills and knowledge to collect data and apply it to business operations. Data drives the organization

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