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How To Join Military As Officer – Why do you want to join Indian army as an officer is the sure question you will face when you give personal interview in SSB for Indian army officer. There are many reasons for asking such a question, the IO may know why you are here, or you want to check how honest you are with yourself.

This question is usually at the top, many candidates may take this question lightly and may not answer properly or just answer some ready made and very common statements. If your answer is very normal and common, you will not get more questions, but if it is something special and original, it will surely attract the interviewing officers.

How To Join Military As Officer

So always have your original reasons ready, it also gives you a lot of confidence when you do something genuine and legitimate. Apart from this, Indian Army also provides some valid reasons to join Indian Army as an officer. You might have read some interesting reasons to join Indianarmy at, the official career website of Indian Army. This post will briefly explain these reasons.

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“Death comes to all men on this earth sooner or later, and how better than a man to die who faces terrible dangers to the ashes of his father and the temple of his gods” (Macauley)

These are some of the basic reasons that we will not go into further. There are countless benefits for real Indian Army aspirants, but most of us have a solid reason that pulls us towards the uniform. Here you can write why you joined Indian army as an officer and write what is the reality. This post will update some of the best reasons soon. Write your comments and reasons below.

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You can earn a commission in the United States Army through one of four programs: United States Academy, Army Reserve Officer Training Corps, Officer Candidate School, or direct appointment. For each, you must have a high school diploma, pass a medical and physical exam, and be at least 17 years old.

Eligibility & Requirements

The United States Academy in West Point, New York, offers undergraduate degrees in engineering and liberal arts. Graduates are commissioned as second lieutenants in the army. Admission is highly competitive. Appointments are usually made by nomination of United States Senators and Representatives. Applicants must begin entering the academy no later than halfway through the high school year.

Army ROTC is the primary source of college-educated officers for the Army. ROTC is currently offered by more than 300 institutions and under contract to more than 1,000 colleges and universities.

Army ROTC consists of two parts: the basic course and the advanced course. The basic course covers the first and second year at the university. Students can withdraw at any time without obligation. Selected students may enroll in the advanced course during the last two years of college. Students at advanced level receive a uniform, necessary textbooks and daily allowance. The cadets are scheduled to attend a six-week advanced camp during the summer between their junior and senior years.

The educational support is in the form of a very competitive scholarship for two, three or four years, with different amounts each year. Additional benefits of the scholarship include reimbursement for textbooks and supplies.

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Officer Candidate School is a 14-week course designed to train military officers to train military officers, officers, and college-educated civilians. Enlisted soldiers and officers must have 90 semester credit hours before applying. Civilian applicants must have a college degree. The Officer Candidate School (OCS) now commissions nearly 1,000 officers annually, comparable to the academy’s 900.

The Army offers direct appointments to professionals in selected legal, medical, ministerial and technical fields. Based on their expertise, specialists can even be included in an advanced classification.

A noncommissioned officer is an officer appointed by order of the Secretary of the Army based on an appropriate level of technical and tactical competence. An NCO is a highly specialized expert and instructor who gains progressive expertise and leadership in the operation, maintenance, administration, and management of Army equipment, support activities, or technical systems.

Becoming an officer requires great competence in a specific professional field. Military officers must demonstrate leadership skills and strive to improve their professional skills through professional development, training and education. Through training, experience, assignments and promotions, they learn to perform effectively in the most demanding positions.

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How To Join Army Education Corps Of Indian Army

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From impacting the lives of others to meaningful relationships and skills that last a lifetime, discover how young adults are finding fulfillment in the military.

How To Join Indian Army After 12th?

Noncommissioned officers typically enter the military with a four-year college degree or higher. In some cases, enlisted personnel may advance to become an officer during their military career. Officials are usually employed in managerial positions or in fields that require special professional qualifications (eg doctors, lawyers and ministers).

An officer’s training often determines the career path he will take in the military. In most cases, the candidate will meet with a military or career counselor during college to select a possible job.

How can we become military officers? An overview of the different ways to become an officer. Video Posted: August 7, 2014 Length 2:11 View transcript

Narrator: When it comes to choosing a military career, it’s important to know what type of work matches your skills, interests, and future goals. Officer careers typically involve leadership roles such as planning and directing military operations, working strategically with enlisted officers, or specialized medical or legal roles. A college degree is required for an officer career. They offer great responsibility and personal satisfaction to those who choose to exercise them. This is how you can become an officer.

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Service academies and leading military colleges offer a four-year higher education experience while immersing students in military culture. Service academies offer full scholarships in exchange for service commitments after graduation. The leading military colleges, while having a similar experience, require students to serve after graduation only if they receive an ROTC scholarship.

Reserve Officers Training Corps, or ROTC,

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