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Online Medical Coding Certification Programs – The healthcare industry is vast, complex, and one that offers challenging and rewarding career opportunities. There are several roles to be fulfilled in this area. One such important role that a Bioscience graduate can apply for is that of MEDICAL CODING.

Medical coding is the conversion of medical services, health diagnoses, equipment and procedures into universal medical alphanumeric codes. Diagnosis and procedure codes are collected from medical records, such as X-ray results, laboratory results and transcriptions of doctor’s notes, etc. Medical coders verify that the correct codes are applied throughout the medical process, which includes gathering information from documentation, assigning the correct codes, and creating a claim for payment to insurance carriers.

Online Medical Coding Certification Programs

Biotecnika offers you the certification program for all enthusiasts who wish to enter an interesting field. It is a work-oriented self-study course with lectures that cover every concept at a perfect pace and in a sophisticated manner.

Certified Medical Coder Certification

All Life Science Graduates, Post Graduates, Medical Transcripts, BAMS/ BHMS/ BUMS/ BPT/ B.Pharm / BCA/ Engineering Graduates / Graduates of Nurses are eligible for this certification course.

Medical coding can be a great career choice for many different reasons. Medical coders play a critical role in healthcare. Medical coders can work in a variety of settings, including medical clinics, doctors’ offices, hospitals, and insurance companies. If you are considering a career in medical coding, you should always take a certification course in this, as qualified health care providers are always in high demand.

An online self-study certification course means you can learn the course by logging in whenever you want and learning at your own pace. However, you must watch at least 90% of all lessons to continue to the next lesson, and if you wish to receive a paper certificate, you must pass the assessment test that is available at the end of the course.

You will receive the activation email almost immediately after signing up for the great course. start and finish the course at your own pace! Start studying whenever you want. There is no need to change your schedule.

Medical Coding Course Details

Once you’ve taken a lesson, press the Finish and Continue button at the top to start your next session. Make sure you don’t miss it! Unless you complete the current lesson, you cannot proceed to the next lesson

Unlimited access until you decide to complete the course. But once you’ve taken your certification test, the course ends. If you fail the test, you can retake the course

It’s time to check all the knowledge you’ve gained. Take the quiz at the end of the course and rate yourself. Each self-study course has a test at the end.

To take advantage of the paper certificate, take the quiz at the end of the course. Clearing the test (with a minimum of 40%) earns you the certificate. The certificate is delivered to your doorstep. You already know that you should not skip the course.

Medical Billing And Coding

Having problems? Contact our team. Click this thing to chat or email us at or Protect your provider reimbursement with advanced training in medical coding guidelines. Become an expert in assigning codes that accurately support documentation, medical necessity, and the highest level of specificity.

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that salary increases from 2021-2031 for medical records specialist jobs will increase by an average of 7%.

Why get certified? – Coding professionals who earn certification improve career opportunities. – Certification shows employers that you have advanced experience. – CMCs can further their careers in audit and chart oversight roles. Your Estimated Salary* $46,660 Median Annual Salary for a Medical Records Specialist 7% Salary Growth through 2031 *Salary will vary by years of experience, location, practice and number of certifications. Source:

Choose your study schedule when you enroll in CMC’s online certification program. This course includes: Nine 3-hour instructor-led sessions Physical Course Guide with workbook exercises 2 bonus online courses: Medical Terminology and Coding Principles Exam Preparation Guide with ‘coding exercises, test-taking tips and course updates, when applicable. Practice Exam with Proctored Answer Key certification exam that can be scheduled up to one year after course registration. Registered students can access records online up to six months after the date of original registration. Exam 133 questions 6-hour proctored exam Access to open code books and medical vocabulary for some parts of the exam The PMI Exam Coordinator schedules the exam at a testing center near the test location candidate. A score of 70% or better is required to obtain CMC certification. If the candidate fails on the first attempt, he/she can take the test again for an additional fee.

Benefits Of Online Medical Billing And Coding Program

Medical Terminology Composition and Pronunciation of Medical Terms/Words Key Overview of Human Body Systems, Illustrations and Anatomical Position Overview and Reference Terms Root Words, Prefixes, Suffixes and Additional Terms Composite Forms Related to Medical Conditions Definitions of Common Medical Abbreviations Analysis of physician orders and ICD-10-CM narratives Coding instruction on ICD-10-CM guidelines, organization, and grouping Accurate translation of medical terminology for diseases in codes. Subcategories, classifications and extensions 10-CM Complete coding outline and recovery equation Primary vs. secondary code selection Guidelines for diagnostic coding such as side effects, sequelae, etc. diagnosis Correct rules and guidelines for assigning codes to neoplasms, adverse effects, pregnancy, childbirth, wounds, burns, injuries, HIV/AIDS, etc. Unsubstantiated and Borderline Diagnoses Applying ICD-10 Coding Conventions How to Determine the Correct Order of Diagnosis Codes Correct Use of Tables Problem Set Coding Exercises for Practical Comprehension Procedural Coding – CPT® and HCPCS Key Elements of the Managing Physician’s Record CPT code assignment Accurate code assignment by applying coding guidelines HCPCS/CPT coding process and steps Format and conventions used in coding manuals HCPCS/CPT Global and individual procedures and their impact on CPT coding Identify unlisted procedures and how to account using a modifier for appropriate reimbursement and efficient claims processing Service types for assessment and management Guidelines E/ M and service levels Medical documentation related to E/M coding implementation Guidelines for bundled surgery coding services New patient guidelines vs. Physicians Additional Services and Advanced Coding Maternity Services Types of Radiology Services Distinction between Supervision and Interpretation Services Technical and Professional Component (S&I) Billing Types Laboratory Procedures Billing for qualitative detection vs. in the drug section Accounts for the administration of vaccines and immunizations Types of dialysis Guidelines used for scheduling eye exams Advanced coding task set exercises

Jan Haley, MHL, CMC, CMIS, CMOM (solo format) Jan Haley has over 30 years of experience in healthcare. She is proficient in administrative, coding and billing roles. Her affinity for teaching has helped countless health care providers and medical professionals over the years. Jan served as Director of Quality for Saint Joseph Physician Network, located in Mishawaka, IN, and Director of Care Management at Select Health Network, a Saint Joseph Health System organization. As Director of Care Management, Jan leads the physician network and a comprehensive interdisciplinary team across the health system, working closely with providers, management, staff, the community and the -payers to develop strategies to improve processes, close gaps and patient experience. She developed a documentation improvement program and an educational program for Hierarchical Condition Category Coding (HCC) to predict future health care utilization by accurately accounting for patient complexity. Prior to joining Saint Joseph, Jan was the Director of Quality, Coding and Compliance for one of the largest health systems in Northern Indiana. She holds a master’s degree in healthcare management and four professional certifications in office management, coding, insurance processing and compliance.

CMC applicants must have a minimum of one year of work experience as an ambulatory medical coder or successful completion of basic coding training courses included with enrollment. CMC candidates will need current editions of CPT®, HCPCS, ICD-10-CM code set manuals, and a medical dictionary during the course and on exam day.

Medical Terminology for Programmers and Coding Principles 6 CEUs 6 HRs 1,375 Both courses are free with purchase of CMC! After extensive research, our team of experts compiled this list of the top five medical coding courses, classes, tutorials, training, and certification programs available online in 2023. This course is suitable for beginners, intermediates, and experts. This list includes both paid and free resources to help prepare you for a brilliant career in the rapidly growing healthcare field of medical billing and coding. You can check out the best handpicked coding interview prep courses.

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Medical coding courses cover topics such as the structure of the ICD-10 and the history of the ICD. Learn about top medical coding tips and basic medical coding skills. The programs include a 30-day money-back guarantee for students who are not satisfied with the course content.

The rapidly evolving health care

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