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Police officers serve their communities by protecting property and people. Job duties vary by position and employer, but law enforcement officers typically respond to emergency and non-emergency calls, keeping detailed records of events. Day-to-day activities may also include testifying in court, collecting criminal evidence, and arresting suspects.

What Is A Police Officer

There are various police officer jobs available, including detective and criminal investigator, fish and game warden, and transit and rail police officer. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) projects that law enforcement employment will grow as fast as other occupations, at 5 percent between 2018 and 2028. According to the BLS, police officers and detectives earn, by also higher than average salaries, with an average annual salary of $65,170 in 2019.

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Read on to learn more about law enforcement duties, how to become a police officer, police training, salaries and career outcomes.

Police officers perform a variety of duties, including keeping residents safe, keeping detailed records, and testifying in court against criminal suspects. Regular law enforcement duties also include patrolling designated areas, traffic stops, surveillance of suspects, arrests and case preparation.

Daily duties and tasks vary depending on the type of police officer. Police officers and sheriff’s patrol officers, the most common types of officers, wear uniforms and conduct regular patrols. They also make arrests, searches and look for signs of criminal activity in their communities.

Instead, fish wardens explain the laws to citizens, patrol hunting and fishing areas, and conduct search and rescue operations. Transit and rail police protect train and rail passengers from crimes such as assaults and robberies. Sometimes called agents or detectives, criminal investigators gather facts and evidence. Detectives usually specialize in specific types of crime, such as murder or financial crime.

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Unlike other professionals, most police officers carry equipment for arrest and protection, such as handguns or handcuffs. They regularly investigate crime and accident scenes. Certain types of law enforcement officers, such as the US Secret Service or FBI, may require travel or relocation. Border and environmental police work outdoors in physically challenging terrain and weather.

A career in law enforcement usually requires on-the-job training. After graduation, police officers usually complete a probationary period under the supervision of a senior officer. During this trial period, inexperienced police officers learn to apply the technique in the real world.

After the probationary period, officers are eligible for promotion. To qualify for the rank of corporal, sergeant, lieutenant, or captain, applicants must pass a written exam in addition to on-the-job training. In larger departments, candidates may apply for detective positions or specific criminal areas such as homicide or juvenile delinquency.

Students can also complete their on-the-job training while earning a criminal justice degree. Many colleges and universities offer (and sometimes require) internships for law enforcement students. Students can also apply for internships with local police departments, giving students the opportunity to interact with veteran police officers and gain first-hand experience protecting local communities.

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There are also paid internships with the CIA, FBI, and Federal Bureau of Prisons. The US Treasury Department also offers internships for students interested in learning about financial crimes. These internships can also help candidates acquire the necessary skills and stand out among job candidates when applying for a job.

Additional skills such as physical strength and endurance can help candidates meet the demands of police officers. Officers and detectives must maintain good physical condition and demonstrate strength to meet the day-to-day demands of apprehension of suspects and the submission of physicals required to enter the field. Employers see prior military or security experience as a plus, as these candidates have prior physical and firearms training.

In addition, police officers must possess good written and oral communication skills to effectively prepare detailed incident reports and communicate with the public when gathering facts. Law enforcement can also communicate with suspects who communicate in other languages. To help different communities, officers need to understand many different perspectives and show empathy. Law enforcement must also exercise judgment in determining the most effective way to solve problems.

Officers in higher positions such as detectives, wardens and game wardens may need critical thinking and perceptive skills to determine in advance why suspects are acting in a certain way. As the public relies on officers to assist them in emergency situations, these professionals become highly visible members of the community. In their public role, officers often serve as role models and must possess leadership skills.

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Police salaries vary based on many factors, including type of job, location, and compensation and fringe benefits. Some police departments even offer higher salaries for officers with advanced degrees and multilingual skills.

According to the BLS, the lowest-paid police officers earned less than $37,710, while the highest-paid officers earned an annual salary of more than $109,620 in 2019. Police officers often receive additional pay through overtime and assignments special.

In this field, people can increase their salary through education and work experience. According to the BLS, federal detectives and agents earn the most of all police officers, taking home an average annual salary of $83,170 as of 2019. Aspiring federal police officers and detectives typically need a college degree and prior experience of the work.

As the need for public safety continues to grow, the BLS projects police employment to grow in line with other occupations. Demand for police officers depends on location and state and local budgets. Police candidates may face competition due to low turnover. Candidates with higher education, law enforcement or military experience, and knowledge of other languages ​​can stand out among job seekers.

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According to the BLS, police officers and detectives earn a median hourly wage of $31.33. However, law enforcement officers also receive other rewards and benefits, including a uniform allowance and extra pay for providing security during special events. Officers who have higher education or speak other languages ​​may also receive additional remuneration. Police officers typically retire at a younger age than other professionals, giving them early retirement and the opportunity to work in other jobs.

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Candidates who do not meet the officer age requirements may participate in cadet programs in some police departments. Cadets may attend classes and perform clerical work until they receive a suitable position. Cadet programs also provide students with networking and on-the-job training opportunities. Cadet applicants may be required to pass an interview and criminal background check, pass a lie detector and drug test, and meet physical requirements.

Because law enforcement officers must protect the public at all times, officers often work nights, weekends, and holidays. Experienced police officers and high-ranking officers such as detectives usually get the best shifts, leaving night and weekend officers for rookies. However, law enforcement officers typically receive overtime pay, which is time and a half or double time. Some police unions offer different pay rules for overtime and night, weekend and holiday work. Welcome to The Costume Shoppe, where EVERYTHING you see available online is also available IN STORE!

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If you’re interested in having a police presence at your next fancy dress event, we’re ready to outfit you in full uniform – enough for some serious crowd control. Trust us, after a little crime prevention, community service, and citizen advocacy, you’ll be ready for a full party!

The uniform fabric shirt and trousers create a commanding look as you present yourself as a member of the blue thin line. The shirt consists of three front buttons; closes with a leather strap that closes with a silver buckle. The police cap, designed to match the uniform, with leather trim, has space for one of two badges that are attached to the seat – the other fits on the breast pocket. Each badge indicates that you’re a member of Police Play in the 1028th Precinct. And so you can make the right arrest, the kit includes a pair of plastic handcuffs with locks. Don’t forget to read their rights.

Being a police officer can be tough. Enforcing law and order at a costume party is a special duty and can be difficult for an officer. Better add a cane to your suit if you want to go armed. A police whistle or even a gun can also be useful if you want to use maximum force. Learn about the benefits of our programs, the courses you’ll take and what you need to apply.

From the 1600s to the present, some form of police has been responsible for maintaining order in US cities. Of course, policing has evolved since the night watch 400 years ago, and now there are many different types of police officers. The police don’t just respond to crime; partners with neighbors in crime prevention, community building, citizen education and more. People who are motivated to protect and serve their community have many exciting paths to choose from.

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