Entry Level Logistics Analyst Salary

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Supply chain analysts help simplify and manage the complex world of corporate supply chains. There has never been a better time to be a supply chain analyst.

Entry Level Logistics Analyst Salary

Have you ever wondered how your laptop got from China to the nearest Walmart or Amazon warehouse and into your hands? Or where the famous Vietnamese restaurant nearby gets its fish sauce?

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Even if you live in a rural area, chances are you’ve encountered products and services involved in a global supply chain. Business expansion in recent decades has required supply chain management to become leaner, more efficient and flexible. But these supply chains can be disrupted by political and other unforeseen events, such as Russia’s intervention in Ukraine or the COVID-19 pandemic.

Shortages of transportation, supplies and government restrictions can increase the price of food, gas and other essentials, as we have seen in the current global supply crisis. Although supply chain analysts and managers were able to make quick adjustments to address obstacles in the past, the forces of convergence have caused significant damage [1].

The good news is that with a job growth rate of 28 percent, there has never been a better time to be a supply chain analyst [2]. Here’s what you need to know to get started.

A supply chain analyst plays a key role in planning, analyzing, and tracking the company’s supply chain distribution to ensure that products are delivered to their destination in a timely and cost-effective manner.

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Supply chain analysts typically work on special projects. This may be introducing products into new countries or reducing costs by identifying new channels or suppliers. Supply chain analysts act as a liaison between a company and its (usually overseas) suppliers. They may be busy researching good prices and finding good deals. A supply chain analyst also monitors inventory in warehouses and tracks how much product is needed using tools like SAP.

Supply chain analysts are the point of contact with outsourcing organizations to ensure products get from point A to point B.

As a supply chain analyst, you will likely work in one of the major industries where supply chain management is needed. These can include retail or e-commerce stores that sell soft goods such as food, clothing, shoes and toiletries, and large goods such as cars, electronics and furniture, pharmaceuticals and more.

This means you can work as a supply chain analyst for any of these companies. This includes big names such as Nestle, Walmart, Toyota and Pfizer, but there is also a need for supply chain analysis in smaller companies such as high fashion brand Mara Hoffman [3].

Supply Chain Analyst: A Regulatory Center Of The Supply Chain

If you are a business consultant working at a consulting firm like McKinsey dedicated to building lean teams and eliminating redundant processes, you may also need skills in supply chain analysis.

Like any other business role, supply chain analysts must have basic workplace (soft) skills as well as technical (hard) skills.

Supply chain analysts are needed at every stage of supply chain management. Here are some steps and areas of focus that a supply chain analyst can specialize in.

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average annual salary for “equipment” is $77,030 [2]. As mentioned earlier, the number of jobs is expected to grow by 28 percent between 2021 and 2031, which is higher than the average for all jobs (8 percent) [2].

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As e-commerce continues to expand, there is a need for more timely delivery [2]. The outlook for supply chain related jobs is good.

A bachelor’s degree is preferred as a supply chain analyst. If you already have one and are hoping to change careers, then you can take the first step and go straight to improving your skills and work experience.

While not all supply chain analysts need a bachelor’s degree to land a job, your chances of getting hired are much higher. A degree in business administration would be a good option.

According to Zippia, 72.8 percent of supply chain analysts have a bachelor’s degree and 15 percent have a master’s degree [5]. Because the field of supply chain management is complex, fast-paced, and requires managing many moving parts (literally!), you must have strong technical skills in tools like SAP, as well as a solid foundation of business skills. solution and quantitative analysis.

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Develop your skills and knowledge in supply chain management and analytics with courses. If you feel you need to improve your communication skills, you can enroll in public speaking courses or practice listening at home or at work.

If you need technical skills, play around with SAP or Excel. To become more familiar with Microsoft Excel, these short guided projects on Searching, Sorting and Filtering Data in Microsoft Excel and Creating Charts and Dashboards Using Google Sheets can help.

Then you’re ready to apply for a job! You may want to start by researching the companies or organizations you want to work for and narrow your search from there.

Be sure to create (or clean up) your resume and write a cover letter for supply chain analysis roles that interest you. If you’re changing jobs, update your resume and improve your interviewing skills.

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When you search for jobs on LinkedIn or other sites, “supply chain analysts” may look different. Other similar job titles include sourcing analyst, materials planner, production analyst, transportation analyst, logistics analyst, demand planning analyst, and supply chain modeling analyst.

The title “analyst” may be equivalent to “expert” in some companies, while “expert” is a step up from “analyst” in other companies. In addition, “manager” tends to be one step above “professional”.

Start your business career with Rutgers University Supply Chain Analytics. In about five months, you’ll be proficient in all the data-driven tools you need to improve a company’s supply chain performance.

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Vogue Business. “The Wild Time of Latency”: Mara Hoffman in Dealing with Unstoppable Supply Chain Shocks, . January 4, 2023.

This content is provided for informational purposes only. Students are encouraged to do additional research to ensure that the courses and other credentials pursued meet their personal, academic and financial goals. Following our Guide to Salaries for Software Engineers, we wanted to follow up with another guide to Quality Assurance (QA). Fellow engineers whose responsibilities include identifying and preventing defects in products.

Even though COVID-19 has affected businesses worldwide, QA Engineers are still in high demand because let’s face it – the modern world is driven by rules.

As a QA engineer, it’s good news to know that you’re needed, but how can you use that knowledge to your advantage? How much more can you ask for?

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In this article, we reveal the best places to work if you are a QA/Test engineer. We have also compiled a list of the 10 most searched companies. From there, we looked at the compensation they offer at four clan levels: low, mid, high, and leader.

Whether you’re a recent graduate, looking to change careers or advance your career, there will always be companies offering competitive pay. That said, salary should not be your only goal.

Also consider intangibles such as company culture, the team you’ll be working with, and non-monetary benefits. But for the purposes of this article, we will focus on what we can count. However, let’s start with the basics and industry standard salaries for QA Engineers.

Of the 9 companies we listed, the average salary for a Junior QA Engineer is between $3,400 and $8,000 per month, depending on the company. The average salary for Senior QA Engineers is between $7,000 and $9,500 per month.

Logistics Analyst Resume Samples

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