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Rn To Bsn Online Schools – Develop your skills as a medical professional and earn the credentials you need to advance your career from RN to BSN at the College of Notre Dame.

Designed for practicing nurses, the CCNE-accredited RN to BSN program increases your ability to improve patient outcomes, enhances your leadership skills, and prepares you to be an effective change maker in your organization.

Rn To Bsn Online Schools

Advanced curriculum allows you to enhance your experience as a medical professional. you will learn key topics such as:

Choosing An Online Rn To Bsn Program

You will also attend a foundation course which will enable you to put your knowledge into practice and gain hands-on training in the field.

The College of Notre Dame offers you an exceptional digital classroom experience. Small class sizes, individual attention, and instruction from faculty with years of experience in the field provide opportunities for personal and professional growth.

After graduation, you will be well equipped to take on greater roles and influence in the workforce. The RN to BSN prepares you for management and leadership roles, policy development, and advanced academic study.

Because the RN to BSN is offered in a fully digital format, you’ll be able to earn your degree on a schedule that fits your life. The program has a generous transfer credit policy and can be completed in up to 18 months.

Nursing Programs Online

The Bachelor of Science in Nursing and Master of Science in Nursing programs at the College of Notre Dame are accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (http://www.ccneaccreditation.org).

Located in South Euclid, Ohio, the College of Notre Dame is a small but vibrant Catholic liberal arts college. We are committed to offering world-class learning, both on campus and with student success as our top priority. Our reputation for excellence is based on our diverse degree programs, expert instructors, and ongoing support for our students. Whether you study on campus in Ohio or in one of our flexible degree programs, you’ll experience the exceptional education that the College of Notre Dame is known for.

Your coursework at the College of Notre Dame will help you earn the credentials you need to take the next step in your career. Our RN-BSN program requires completion of a minimum of 35 credits toward degree requirements, 29 of which are in advanced nursing courses.

A registered nurse seeking a bachelor’s degree in nursing will meet degree requirements in two ways: course transfer credit and completing courses to satisfy remaining credit hour requirements. All previous coursework will be assessed and applied towards degree requirements where possible. Requirements for the nursing program are based on general education and core course requirements to fulfill the credit hour requirements for the degree. Students are awarded block credit for completing 30-34 credit hours of prior nursing courses, depending on credits earned in a pre-licensure associate’s degree or master’s program.

Registered Nurse (rn) To Bachelor Of Science In Nursing (bsn)

Didactic with three lessons a week. An introduction to the philosophy and curriculum framework for the BSN completion program. The theoretical foundations of nursing practice are presented. Systems theory and complexity theory are introduced. A value clarification process is applied. Current nursing issues are discussed. Examines the scope and standards of the nursing profession and ethical issues related to the practice of nursing. The law regulating nursing practice was discussed. Current, valid licensure as a registered nurse and proof of satisfactory completion of an accredited degree or associate degree in a nursing program is required. Prerequisites: Enrollment in the RN-BSN program.

This course helps the student develop the skills needed to influence their own health behaviors and those of others. Determinants of health, well-being, illness and disability across the lifespan will be explored. Students will examine environmental, sociocultural, economic, and political factors that contribute to effective health behaviors. Theoretical models of health behavior and teaching/learning principles will be used to address lifelong health education needs.

Didactic with three lessons per week. Sources, levels and strength of evidence for best practice are reviewed. A critical process of evidence is discussed. Methods and tools for implementing evidence-based practice to achieve optimal patient outcomes are explored. The relationship of health policy to evidence-based practice is discussed. This course requires service learning. Prerequisites: NR 300 (or equivalent) for students entering the RN-BSN track after licensure.

This course is designed to explore computer technology and health information systems through the successful management of data, information, knowledge, and technology to provide safe and effective patient care. The use of tools, databases, the Internet, and the World Wide Web in practice to further improve the quality of patient care and decision-making is explored. The course focuses on data management, telecommunications, legal and ethical issues, and educational programs and discusses how they impact nursing management, evidence-based research, and the future of nursing. Emphasis will be placed on real-world problem solving, computer skills, and web-based projects and how they can be used to improve the efficiency of healthcare delivery systems. Requirements: NR 300 for RN-BSN program students; Junior or Senior for pre-license BSN students.

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Didactic with three lessons per week. Analysis of economic, legal and social factors influencing health policy. Discuss the relationship between emerging social issues/trends and health disparities. A discussion on social justice and equity in access and provision of health services. Opportunities are provided to participate in political processes affecting care and health policy. This course requires service learning. Prerequisites: NR 300 (or equivalent) for students entering the RN-BSN track after licensure.

Introduces concepts and strategies to promote culturally sensitive care for communities and populations. Diversity and culture are explored in relation to social systems and patterns of interrelated relationships. Epidemiological concepts are integrated. Explores the role of nursing in providing care to communities and populations. Emergency and bioterrorism preparedness applies. Collaboration and coordination with community members and agencies is emphasized. Prerequisites: NR 300 or concurrent.

A didactic course consisting of three lessons per week. Study of aging theories and systems affecting older adults. Literature, art, and/or film are used as media to explore issues related to aging. Discussion of end-of-life concepts and theories. Examines the elderly’s responses to health and illness from an interdisciplinary perspective. Prerequisites: NR 300 (or equivalent) for students entering the RN-BSN track after licensure.

A didactic course consisting of three lessons per week. Exploration of leadership and management theories/concepts as applied to the nurse’s role as leader, manager, and care coordinator. Explores concepts and theories related to negotiation, conflict management, and delegation. The legal consequences of filing and granting a delegation are emphasized. Strategies to improve the cost, safety, and quality of care based on evidence-based practice are implemented within complex adaptive health systems. Prerequisites: NR 300 (or equivalent).

Rn To Bsn Online Programs 2021

Didactics with one hour per week, two seminar hours per week and 90 hours of clinical experience. This course provides an integrated experience with opportunities to practice nursing competencies at the undergraduate level. Role development of the secondary school nurse is emphasized. Students develop an individualized program of study to integrate nursing program concepts/theories into their professional practice. The capstone includes a clinical practice experience consisting of the development, implementation and evaluation of a clinically oriented project. Requirements: Open only to students in the RN-BSN track. Completion of all required courses; may be considered if the student has no more than three credit hours left before graduation.

The College of Notre Dame offers a high-quality education at a price you can afford. See how your academic record can help you get the most out of your college education.

Notre Dame College is proud to be recognized as a Military Friendly School and participant in the Yellow Ribbon Program. Learn more about how the College of Notre Dame strives to help service members get the most out of their education.

Learn more about the program you’re interested in, learn about topics that can help you advance your career, and explore job opportunities after graduation.

Can You Go Straight From Rn To Msn: 6 Big Things To Know

Find out more about how studying can provide you with a flexible and convenient way to earn your degree and progress as a professional.

Students are extremely self-motivated. They show perseverance, discipline and willingness to fulfill their obligations. Be prepared to devote a significant amount of time to your studies each week. Participate in discussions, meet your deadlines, and contact your advisor if you have questions or concerns. These habits will help you manage our programs successfully.

Yes! The College of Notre Dame recognizes the importance of an affordable education, and we strive to ensure that your financial situation does not stand in the way of career success. See our financial aid page to learn more about how to pay for your degree.

The Free Student Aid Program determines your eligibility for financial aid programs such as loans and grants. This helps determine the types of aid you may be able to get, such as federal and state grants, job training programs, and low-interest loans. We strongly recommend that you complete the FAFSA form each year to determine what financial aid opportunities may be available to you. The best RN to BSN program offers online degrees as a flexible option for nurses to continue their undergraduate studies and advance their education.

Online Bachelor Of Science In Nursing (rn To Bsn)

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