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Medical Laboratory Technologist Salary Ontario – The salary for a medical laboratory technician in Canada is around $50,000 per year at the entry level to around $90,000 per year by 2023. Average salaries are in the region of $75,000 per year.

Note: This information is for medical laboratory workers, not medical laboratory technicians. Technology is a higher level role that involves more complex work. This may include supervising technicians. Please see our post on Medical Lab Technologies for more information on this profession.

Medical Laboratory Technologist Salary Ontario

The best government statistics for comparing wages by province are expressed as average hourly wages. This applies to all professions, including those where salary is based on annual salary.

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Minimum and maximum wage rates are provided as well as the average median wage; The median is the middle point of a data set when all earnings are listed in numerical order.

This data is collected from several sources, including Statistics Canada and Labor Force Survey data. This is the most recent published data from May 2023, compiled from previous years’ research.

The highest salary for a medical lab technician in Canada is found in Alberta, where average salaries are more than 20% above the national average.

Salaries in Alberta are much higher than in other Canadian provinces. This applies to all job sectors, but the biggest difference is seen in jobs related to the oil and gas industry.

Chemical Laboratory Technology

At the other end of the scale, the lowest medical technology salaries in Canada are found in Quebec, where average salaries are about 15% below the Canadian average.

However, the cost of living in Quebec is lower than in many Canadian regions, so salaries here should be viewed in this context.

Unemployment in this job group is much lower than the national average, and there is currently a shortage of medical laboratory technicians. This situation is expected to continue for at least three years.

Job openings in many health-related occupations are likely to expand in Canada for the foreseeable future, and this includes medical laboratory technology. This is mainly due to aging Canadians.

Medical Laboratory Technologist: Occupations In Alberta

Government estimates (by EDC) show medical laboratory technology job openings as 25,600 from 2022 to 2031, compared to 23,800 new job seekers to fill those positions. This means that the decline will continue for the foreseeable future.

Medical laboratory technology salaries in Canada in 2023 are expected to increase by approximately 4% in 2022.

National Occupational Classification codes (or NOC codes) are numbers used to classify occupations in Canada. All jobs are classified based on the training, education, experience and responsibilities required to perform the job. A new numbering system was introduced in 2022 where the 4-digit NOC codes were replaced by new 5-digit codes.

The current NOC code for medical professionals in Canada is 32120 (note that under the old system, the NOC code was 3211). This NOC code covers all activities under the following headings:

Medical Laboratory Technologist Job Requirements In Canada

The work of a medical laboratory technologist is not regulated, and technically, it does not need to be certified. However, as a new immigrant, it will help your job prospects if you have your foreign credentials tested and verified.

This should be done through the Canadian Society for Medical Laboratory Science (CSMLS). CSMLS will assess your qualifications, language ability, and work experience against Canadian standards. If approved, you will be invited to take a certification exam.

The good news is that the NOC code for this occupation appears on the Canadian government’s list of target immigration occupations. This means you may qualify for the federal Skilled Worker Program, which provides entry into Canada.

If you need more specific information about a particular job or position, an online “job bank” is a great resource.

Top In Demand Jobs In Ontario

The “Treatment Analysis” section allows you to search for job types anywhere. It will then provide information including:

The salary for a medical laboratory technologist in Ontario is about $52,000 from $95,000 per year in 2023; The average salary is around $80,000 per year.

The highest salary for medical laboratory technologists in Ontario is in Ottawa, followed by the Hamilton-Niagara Peninsula region. The salary of a medical laboratory technician in Toronto is generally in line with the provincial average.

The minimum wage in Ontario is $15.50 per hour, while the minimum wage for students in Ontario is $14.60 per hour. These are the lowest prices an employer can pay an employee and apply for almost all jobs. These payments are valid until the end of September 2023 and apply to full-time, part-time and part-time workers.

Job Opportunities For Hospital Professionals

The average hourly wage in Ontario in 2022 was $32.94, and it is for all workers and occupations. This was slightly higher than the Canadian average, which was $31.96. Earnings increased by 4.2% compared to last year.

If you are interested in working as a foreigner in Canada, you should research the requirements and process for obtaining a work permit. There are various temporary and permanent immigration programs you can apply for, and more information can be found on the Government of Canada, Immigration and Citizenship website.

It may be useful to search for job opportunities in Canada and contact Canadian employers who are willing to support your work permit application.

The best resources for finding jobs in Canada include the following. The government website has a job search portal where you can find information on federal and private sector jobs advertised across the country. Another great source is, one of the largest job search websites in the world. LinkedIn, a professional networking site, also has a great job search function.

High Paying Allied Health Science Jobs In Canada

Alberta is the highest paying province in Canada, followed by Ontario and British Columbia. Wages in Alberta are generally high across all job sectors, but the biggest difference is seen in jobs related to the oil and gas industry.

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This site participates in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate marketing program designed to provide opportunities for sites to earn advertising payments by selling and linking to We receive compensation for traffic and business from Amazon and other companies associated with this site. Medical laboratory technicians are also managers included in this group.

Laboratory technologists work in many settings including medical laboratories in hospitals, blood banks, public and private clinics, research centers and post-secondary educational institutions.

What Is A Medical Radiation Technologist’s Salary In Canada 2023 (by Province)?

Medical laboratory technicians can specialize in certain fields, such as clinical chemistry, clinical microbiology, hematology, histotechnology, transcriptional science, diagnostic cytology and clinical genetics. Employees perform the various tasks described below.

Wages are wages that workers receive in exchange for their work. Depending on the type of work, the salary can be salary (hourly), salary (reasonable monthly or yearly) or salary for self-employment.

Most therapists and pathologists often work 35-40 hours per week. Hours of operation depend on the type of laboratory. Those who work in medical diagnostic labs or hospitals may work day, evening and night shifts, including weekends and holidays. Medical technologists and pathologists’ assistants in research laboratories often work around the clock.

The work is done in well-lit, well-ventilated laboratories. During the workday, employees may perform different tests or repeat the same test throughout the day. They use solutions and reagents for their work, which can have a bad smell. These workers may come into contact with infectious patients, samples, or hazardous chemicals, so precautions are taken to prevent accidents.

Medical Laboratory Scientist Jobs: Finding A Meaningful Career In The Lab

Graduates can work in many different settings, such as private laboratories, public health clinics, public health centers, university research laboratories, biological companies, and specialized laboratories.

With education and experience, workers can move up to senior management positions or teach or work in the private sector. The Advanced Certificate (ART) is available from the Canadian Association for Medical Laboratory Science technologists who wish to pursue management opportunities.

Medical laboratory technologists must have an accredited laboratory education program. Accreditation by the Canadian Society for Medical Laboratory Science (CSMLS):

Every job requires a specific set of skills. Identifying these skills is the first step to finding a good job.

Salaries For Healthcare Jobs In Ottawa

Here, you’ll find 10 skills that are relevant to the workplace. Some are more important than others to achieving success in a particular career. These skills may come naturally to you or you may need to acquire them through education, training and experience.

See a list of job-related skills below, ranked in order of importance for the career. Check out the list and see if this job matches your skills – take that first step!

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