How Much Should I Charge As A Personal Trainer

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How Much Should I Charge As A Personal Trainer – To determine how to price your online personal training, you need to consider several factors.

To help you set a price point that is profitable and brings in clients, this article will explore:

How Much Should I Charge As A Personal Trainer

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An important part of understanding how to value online personal training sessions is knowing how you are going to charge your clients.

The foundation of creating an online personal trainer pricing template is deciding what kind of package you want to offer. The most popular designs for PT packages are:

While both approaches are commonly used in the personal training industry, we recommend creating a pricing template that follows a monthly payment model.

Block program implementation allows your clients to pay for online personal training for a predetermined period of time.

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From this example we can see that the client will pay up to £195 and in return will receive an online training program lasting 12 weeks.

This method of pricing your online training may seem simple, but there are some downsides to this method. For example, this method comes with an end date, which in this example is 12 weeks.

When this time comes, you’ll have to resell your service to clients, risking them not wanting to sign up again, which could mean financial uncertainty.

Many online personal trainers use this structure to sign up their clients for a subscription-based service, for which they pay a fixed fee on a recurring basis.

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To pay for their online training, clients will sign up for a direct debit that will be renewed each month.

This in itself is a bonus, as clients are less likely to cancel Direct Debit, meaning they are more likely to stay with your service.

This section provides a brief overview of how to price your online personal training program by package. If you want to explore this topic in more detail, check out our article on creating a personal training package.

Now that you know which method will work best for your business, let’s look at the factors that affect the actual cost of your service.

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Questions like ‘How much should I charge as an online personal trainer?’ will always be specific to personal businesses.

In fact, there is no ‘right’ way to price your online service, as it can affect how much you charge.

With that in mind, let’s break down 5 potential influences and discuss how they might impact your online personal trainer pricing template.

When determining how to price an online personal training package, you should consider what services you can offer your potential clients. If you can offer them more than a traditional online PT program, you can actually charge a higher price.

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‘Traditional’ online personal training would see PTs working virtually with their clients rather than in person. This will include performing duties such as:

Online personal trainers who follow this structure can value their business like a fitness example below:

Here we see that no additional services are provided and the client pays £25 per week for a bespoke online training program worth £300 for 12 weeks.

This can be seen as a standard package – you can then add additional services to this standard to increase its overall value. To better understand what services you can include, let’s look at some examples and discuss why it’s worth including.

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Many online personal trainers choose to include bespoke meal plans in their pricing packages for their clients. It can be seen as an additional service that adds value to the program, as both components are linked together.

For example, if a client’s primary goal is muscle growth, you can combine their training program with a high-protein meal plan.

Customers want to invest in this service as it will help them achieve their goals at a faster and more efficient rate. So they are more likely to pay a premium for a package that includes this resource.

This can be evidenced by online personal training providers such as Fit and Happy, who charge a total of £189 for training and nutrition coaching:

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Let’s compare this price to the previous example of the Power of One to see how much extra service you can charge as an online personal trainer.

As mentioned above, the basic online PT package costs £300 for 12 weeks. When comparing Fit and Happy, the cost difference is clear, with both online personal training and nutrition coaching totaling £567 for 12 weeks.

Clients are often willing to pay more for this service, which means you can increase your overall online personal training costs.

When working as an online personal trainer, some clients may work independently following a program you create for them. Others may want to experience their sessions virtually via Zoom.

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As an online personal trainer using Zoom, you’ll be able to guide your clients live through their sessions on camera.

This has the potential to be a profitable service that you can add value to your business. For example, let’s look at Health Means Happiness, whose basic online coaching pricing can be found below:

Comparing this to the brand’s other options, which include live workout sessions, immediately highlights how affordable this initiative can be:

Comparing the prices of 5 personal training sessions, we can see that Zoom inclusive prices start from £250, while dedicated online coaching only starts from £129.

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From this we can infer that Zoom sessions are more valuable, as client Health Means Happiness clients are willing to pay an extra £121 for this feature.

So offering these additional services allows you to expand your pricing structure beyond the basic package associated with online personal training.

Alternatively, you can sell Zoom classes as completely separate entities, an example of which can be found in the following embed:

When deciding how much to charge as an online personal trainer selling personal Zoom sessions, make sure it’s not as expensive as your package.

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Because they can be used to attract potential clients to your package at a later date. Think of it this way – some clients may use an individual Zoom class as a taster session, so they can gain insight into your training style before signing up full time.

To better understand what services your clients value and are willing to pay extra for, it can be beneficial to conduct a survey.

The overall cost of your personal training packages can also be affected by whether you develop a specialty.

Typically, these PTs can price their packages at significantly higher rates, because they are qualified in a specific area of ​​personal training. This means that the advice and guidance they provide is more useful and valuable to customers.

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We’ve already provided insight into how much to charge as an online personal trainer that includes a nutrition package, so let’s look at two examples from the list above:

As an online personal trainer who specializes in weight management, you’ll create specific exercise and nutrition programs that help clients achieve weight-related goals.

Working in this role has the potential to be incredibly financially rewarding, especially as a large proportion of personal training clients will have weight-related goals – ie. Weight loss or muscle gain.

Let’s take a look at Jamie Alexander’s Expert Online Course to understand how to value online personal training that focuses on weight management. From the screenshot below, we can see that Jamie offers 3 possible packages ranging from £288 – £611:

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If we compare these prices to Jamie’s comprehensive online personal training package (shown below), we can see how profitable this expert training can be:

Comparing the two most popular packages (the 12-week option), we can see that Holistic Program clients will pay just £209, while Specialist Training will cost £432.

In total, specialist course clients will pay £223 more than those following the holistic programme.

If you’re wondering how much should I charge as an online personal trainer?, a tip you can take from this section is to charge a higher rate for a specialist program than a comprehensive program.

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As a personal trainer, if you’ve taken the time to qualify in a specialist area of ​​fitness, you’ll be recognized as an expert in that area, meaning your guidance can be more valuable.

Another specialist area of ​​fitness that many online personal trainers choose to explore is lower back pain treatment. If qualified in this manner, the PT will be able to provide a specific program designed for their client.

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