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The army or military is a group of armed forces of a state that provides military power as required by the national security policy. In some countries, militias are included in the national army, although they are not considered a military force. Non-military or military forces, such as guerrillas, often imitate military forces, or use these weapons, while the tds military uses advanced methods.

How To Be An Army

Today, the administration, control and supervision of military organizations is handled by governments through a government agency within the national administration, often known as the Ministry of Defense or the Ministry of Defence. This is the one that controls the military branches that are in charge of units and units of military intelligence, military support and military support.

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The civilian or non-civilian leadership of a nation’s armed forces in a democracy is exercised by an elected political leader as a member of the cabinet, often known as the Minister of Defense. In presidential systems, such as the United States, the president is the commander-in-chief, and the secretary of defense is second in command. The people under this position are secretaries of the important elements of the army, as well as those who provide support for the army, including their subordinates.

There are heads of specialized businesses in departments responsible for providing and maintaining specific services related to skills and knowledge such as technical advice, development skills, military science review, performance and technology development. Within each business unit are found the management members who oversee the technical operations of the business.

In most countries, the armed forces are divided into three branches of the military (meaning service, army, or military service): army, navy, and air force.

Many countries have different approaches to the three-branch military model. Some countries also establish their own cyber forces, emergency services, medical services, army, army, navy, and special forces such as commandos or helicopters to same as indepdt forces. It can be an independent member of its military, although in most countries the border guard or coast guard is a military force. Some countries do not have navies, for geographical reasons.

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In large armies, the cultures of different armies can be very different.

Many small countries have a single organization that covers all the armed forces used by the country in question. The armies of the developing countries are mostly infantry, while the armies of the developed countries are large armies maintaining explosive equipment with the number of personnel in the infantry.

In Western military circles, an army is defined as a group or formation that expresses military power from two or more members of the military.

Gdarmeries, police and security forces, including the army, the army, the internal forces and the intelligence police alike, are local security services that can be found all over the world, but few in countries with a famous history. of the state police. used to enforce the law, and there are restrictions on how the military can be used to help.

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It is common, especially in European and North American armies, to refer to military units as command s, formation s, and unit s.

In military terms, a command is a group of units and formations under the command of a single soldier, although during World War II, a command referred to an army unit as the US Army. In general, it is the center of management. It is common for each type of service to have its own command (e.g. Land Compont, Air Compont, Naval Compont, and Medical Compont in the Belgian Army), but this does not prevent the existence of Order not related to service.

A formation is defined by the US Department of Defse as “two or more aircraft, ships, or ​groups moving together under one military commander”.

Fomin emphasized in the Great Soviet cyclopedia his nature of combined forces: “Formations and troops are formed from special forces and weapons to create a war, combined army.

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An army made up of small units that were joined together and joined together, and often engaged in battle. Examples of formations are: divisions, armies, squadrons, wings, etc.

A regular force is a heterogeneous military force (combat, support or non-combat) that includes personnel from a single service unit, or service branch, and whose administrative and command functions are independent. . Any unit controlled by another is considered a sub-unit or sub-unit. It is not common in the United States for the use of the company and the establishment. In the work of the Commonwealth of Nations, the formations of small groups such as armies, called “units”, are not used, and their units form groups or units. ​groups called sub-divisions. In the Commonwealth, formations are divisions, brigades, etc.

Different military units, and different branches of the military, may use the same name to describe different types of units. An example is “squadron”. In most of the ships, there are ships; in most of the space and school; in the US Army is a large cavalry force; and in the armies of the Commonwealth the army is a small company.

A table of organization and equipment (TOE or TO&E) is a document published by the US Army Force Managemt Support Agcy that describes the organization, management, and equipment of units from many division below, and Corps and Army headquarters.

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It also provides information about the activities and capabilities of the sector and its current status. A GEral TOE is applied to a type (eg infantry) rather than a specific division (3 Infantry Division). In this way, all units of the same branch (such as infantry) follow the same instructions.

The table below provides an overview of some of the terms used to describe military leadership around the world. Although it is known that there are differences between the armies of different countries, most are based on British or American models, or both.

However, many armies and formations go back a long way in history, and were developed by various military experts in the history of Europe.

For example, the new Corps was first introduced in France around 1805 by Napoleon as a simple unit of two or more divisions during the Napoleonic Wars.

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Ladders can be jumped on these ladders: for example, NATO troops jump from army to army. In the same way, only large armies can have high-ranking units and different armies and countries also use traditional names, creating a lot of confusion: for example, it is divided The British or Canadian army (battalion) is divided into groups (groups) and troops (platoons), while the American cavalry (battalion) is divided into regiments (groups) and divisions. In the Frch system (used by many African countries) the company is divided into units (platoons) made up of 3 x “battle groups” of 7 soldiers, with a group of drivers and with an HQ including 2 x snipers.

Army, military, land, and theater are the major divisions and vary widely among military forces in terms of size and responsibilities. Although the division is the traditional level at which support forces (troops, hospital, supplies and support, etc.) are integrated into the division, since World War II, the division many armies now have support units, and since the 1980s, regiments as well. . they were saved. A unit equipped with such supports is called a regimtal unit in US military terms, or a regiment in the UK and other militaries. The Canadian Army’s doctrine is that a battle group is either an infantry division with tanks, or a new tank division with infantry, or a full infantry division with full tanks.

During World War II, the Red Army used the same system. However, in the beginning most of the units are very weak and the actual size is one rung below the ladder used in other areas; For example, the division of the Red Army before World War II was more divided into regiments or brigades.


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