What Do You Have To Do To Join The Military

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What Do You Have To Do To Join The Military – My first attempt at the Army Physical Fitness Test, Obstacle Course, Bayonet Course and Rock Marching was embarrassing.

But my thinking was right I wanted to be a soldier more than anything and I was able to improve during the time I spent in basic training. I graduated from Cavalry Scout Station One Unit Training (OSUT) four months later, twenty pounds lighter and in better shape than ever.

What Do You Have To Do To Join The Military

Today’s military doesn’t watch Vietnam or World War II movies the same. Enlisting in the military means joining a volunteer force full of competition from your peers for promotions and schools.

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To have a successful military career, whether it is a contract or a full twenty years, you must strive for: marksmanship, education, training and physical fitness.

Joining the military in the right shape will go a long way to starting your career on the right track

Before you go to basic training, you will meet a recruiter Along with a ton of paperwork, your employer will assess your fitness level, height and weight If any of these are missing, you may not go inside

But meeting the standards will not be enough for anyone Being a soldier means holding yourself to a high standard and that includes your fitness

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It’s no secret that push-ups are a huge part of core training, so this is a great place to start. Be good at calisthenics – push-ups, pull-ups, sit-ups, squats, and burpees are a good baseline.

Running is a huge part of the Army’s physical fitness training program, and it doesn’t end at the base. Do endurance-oriented sprints, intervals, and runs of a mile or two.

Then the rock marches This is probably new to most recruits joining the army but the reality is that you have to carry a rucksack on your back to walk 12 miles quickly, regardless of your occupational expertise.

Make sure to pack a lot of rucksack, or if you have one, up to 35lbs and gradually increase your distance and speed.

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The old Army Physical Fitness Test, a two-minute maximum push-up, a two-minute maximum sit-up and a prescribed two-mile run, are being replaced by a new test in 2020.

The new Army Combat Fitness Test is a tougher and more accurate assessment of a soldier’s ability to cope with the physical demands of combat.

3 deadlift max – The soldier must lift the maximum weight three times using a 60lb hex bar and a plate.

Standing Power Throw – Use quick, explosive movements to throw a 10-pound medicine ball back and overhead for distance.

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Hand Release Push-Ups – Arm Extensions – Complete as many hand release push-ups with one arm extension at the bottom as possible in two minutes.

Sprint-Drag-Carry – Run 5 x 50m shuttles for time – sprint, sled pull with plates, side shuffle, hidden can carry/kettle bell and sprint back.

Leg Tuck – Complete as many leg tucks while hanging on a pull-up bar as possible while maintaining a relatively vertical position and moving the hips and knees up and down without over-swinging.

A score of “70” is the minimum for soldiers in physically demanding units or positions; A score of “65” is for soldiers in physically demanding units or positions; and a score of “60” is for soldiers in units or positions with “moderate” physical demands.

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If you are preparing to join the Army, the new ACFT is a good standard to use to guide your fitness training as you prepare for basic training and your next duty assignment.

One important consideration for anyone joining the military is what their job, or military occupational specialty (MOS), will be.

The Army generally separates jobs into three categories, combat arms, combat support, and combat service support, and each has its own standards that you must meet in the AFCT.

Combat arms will usually require physical employment, such as infantry or armor/reconnaissance, while combat support will usually be substantial and combat service support will usually be moderate.

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If you’re considering joining the military in a combat arms role—infantry, cavalry scout, tank, field artillery, or combat engineer—you should prepare for the physical demands of combat.

While serving in Iraq, I quickly realized that strength is important for carrying weapons and equipment, climbing walls, and even hand-to-hand combat. Yes, it still happens

Endurance was important because patrolling on foot for twelve hours in the middle of the Iraqi summer was humbling even for the fittest men in my unit.

Finding a balance between being strong and being strong is essential to being a strong combat arms soldier

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The military consists of conventional units and special operations units Everyone in the traditional military meets the same standards in basic training and advanced individual training (AIT), depending on your MOS.

To serve in special operations, you must be selected after attending a selection and evaluation process, be it Special Forces, 75th Ranger Regiment, 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment, Psychological Operations, or Civil Affairs.

Physical fitness is high in special operations This varies depending on which job or unit you are being assessed for but don’t expect to be selected if you show average or below physical condition.

Many applicants prepare for years to be selected Beyond push-ups, sit-ups, and the two-mile run, exceeding the required standards in pull-ups, swimming, and rack marching extensive basic requirements for serving in the special operations.

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You don’t have to be super fit to join the army You must be within the normal weight range for someone of your height and be able to pass the Army’s diagnostic physical fitness test, but beyond that, basic combat training prepares you for greater military physical fitness.

To have a successful military career by advancing through the ranks, attending school, and joining a Special Operations unit, you must constantly improve your fitness and become above average among your peers.

To better prepare yourself for basic training and the physical rigors of the selection process, there are many resources that can help guide you.

Check out Softnet or Hard to Fit for training programs that will help you exceed Army standards

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He has been featured in The Point Guy, Blacklane, and Policy Genius, and is a US Army veteran and NYC firefighter.

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