Why Do You Want To Become A Nurse Essay

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Why Do You Want To Become A Nurse Essay – The following sample essay on Why I Want to Be a Nurse Essay looks at this in detail, giving the basic facts and related pros and cons. To read the introduction, body and conclusion of the essay, please scroll down.

As a child, I remember being afraid of doctors and nurses. I hate going to the doctor, I’m sure most kids are scared too. I clearly remember that when the doctor had to take me, he did not let me.

Why Do You Want To Become A Nurse Essay

He would start crying and I would start moving. The nurse would hold me down and the doctor would give me an injection and after that I would get mad at my mom for letting them give me an injection. The way I will act I can relate to “Mary Ainsworth”, because of her Ambivalent Attachment Pattern, is an attachment style in which the child shows a combination of positive and negative reactions towards the mother: he shows great distress when the mother leaves goes, but when he returns, you can look for close contact but also hit or kick him (Development Across the Life Span, R.

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S.P., 2011). As soon as my mom would try to get close to me, she would hit her and it would make me very angry. I didn’t stop being afraid of him until I was 7 years old.

“He followed all my instructions. He was very easy to contact and he was quick to respond as well.”

I’m a little relieved, but still a little scared. I never wanted to be patient. I would rather be a doctor or a nurse. When we play doctor, we all have a role and we all work together. I can relate this to “cooperative play; a game where kids really interact with each other, take turns playing, or have contests (Development Across the Life Span, 2011). I used to enjoy playing this game with my siblings. It was the Wrong One of your favorite childhood games.

In sixth grade, I remember my teacher asking me what we want to be when we grow up when another student started answering. I started thinking about it and I don’t know. I was very nervous because it was almost my turn to answer the question. I didn’t know what to say, so before it was my turn, a friend told me that she wanted to be a teacher. So after my teacher friend asked me, “So, Erica, what would you like to be when you grow up?”, and I replied, “Yes, I want to be a teacher like you.” But in fact, that is not true. I’m just afraid of age. She said I don’t know yet. I was sad that day because I kept thinking about what I want and no one remembers me just doubting and I kept thinking that I don’t know what I want. By the end of the week it was no longer on my mind.

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Before I started high school, that class was a runtime that I didn’t think about. In class it was all about being cool and popular, I wanted to be a fashion designer. Being a fashion designer is on my own mind. I remember my parents asking me what I wanted to be and I told them they were mad because they said it wasn’t a career and I wanted to be a fashion designer. It was not a race when I was informed. I started doing research on myself and started noticing a few things. I began to wonder what would happen if I didn’t get a job in this profession and I was aggressive. At the end of the degree I took this test that was determined. As soon as I finished taking the exam, they gave me a list of alternatives, so I chose the 3 that I liked and they were dentists, detectives and nurses. The first option is a detective who likes to solve problems and puzzles.

So in this type of programs that have to do with justice I am in tenth grade. I found it funny and quite interesting. I didn’t think anything or ask anything, although I remember my sister went to nursing school to get a nurse. She is in school and still studying. He was busy with me, I could only see him. We were all proud of her, when she was in eleventh grade, I remember she graduated from the nursing program. After she took the test from her, a few weeks passed and she received a letter and it was her permission.

I remember that she would go to work with him, in the summer, she could make house calls. The first day I moved in I looked at everything as by the time we walked in there it was just as nice for the individual as it was for the family. I remember he was fine when I saw the attention, this individual asked about him and he said yes. I was a little afraid that I didn’t need to see it, but I did. I felt disgusted, but I was able to keep a straight face, while my sister removed the bandage. Then my sister began to explain how much she loved to breastfeed. She surprised me the way she expressed herself. Since that day my eyes have been opened. I choose to visit her house with my sister every day or I can. I became more interested in nursing and began to realize that my passion for it was growing. I was already interested and just asked my sister.

I started to grow this love for nursing how you have the ability to take care of the patient and give them comfort and help them. I see him as a hero who cares about them. Because of him I decided what I wanted to do in my profession. I learned that you don’t know and you doubt that you want to be. I’m sure there will come a time when you’ll know what you want, and I think I’ll be able to become a nurse like her and her sister.

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There is a question on every college application. “Why do you want to be a nurse?” Asked on the first day of nursing school, and again at every job interview.

I’m not one of those people who always knows what he wants to do professionally. I don’t know which way to go freshman year of college and not have this burning in me to be something specific. I envy those who do. Friends who knew they wanted to be teachers, pilots, CPAs, doctors, etc., all had passions and none could meet their professional needs.

Why I Want To Be A Nurse: A Sample Essay

I knew very well that I needed to make a decision, quickly, about the path I was going to take in terms of my career, but I didn’t know which path I wanted to take.

If you are one of those people who know in you what career is for you, please consider it a blessing. Please, thank you for that. The rest of us are out there, trying to avoid financial ruin, trying to figure out what to do with the rest of our lives. After becoming a nurse, you will see many nurses in the field as a second career.

As a child, in high school and even in college, I had no desire to go into nursing.

I originally started college in 2005 with a bachelor’s degree in early childhood education. The class I took in the first semester really wasn’t fun for me. I thought, “Gee, I don’t want to do this for the next 40 years. What other options do I have?”

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I knew I liked education and was drawn to the medical field, so I combined 2+2 and changed my major to nursing! I thought, “I’ll take pre-nursing courses like anatomy and physiology and see if I like it.” And I enrolled in the course. And I keep going!

Loving your career is something that not everyone is lucky enough to enjoy. Many work to earn a living, provide, and not just do what they love and get paid.

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