Becoming A Personal Fitness Trainer

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Becoming A Personal Fitness Trainer – Get your personal trainer certification today. Take our CPT exam and learn about exercise physiology, proper exercise form, fitness routine planning and more.

The ASFA Personal Trainer Certification is a comprehensive qualification designed for individuals who wish to become Certified Personal Trainers (CPTs). This comprehensive certification provides an in-depth understanding of the principles of wellness, enabling you to guide clients in achieving their health and wellness goals. Start your career in fitness with our prestigious online personal trainer certification.

Becoming A Personal Fitness Trainer

Our personal trainer certification exam examines the science of fitness, covering techniques, exercise planning, nutrition and safety aspects essential to effective personal training. As a CPT (Certified Personal Trainer), you will gain experience in designing and conducting one-on-one fitness programs that improve cardiovascular health, strength, endurance and flexibility, helping clients achieve their specific fitness goals to achieve.

How To Become A Personal Trainer In 6 Steps

All ASFA exams follow an independent study format. For comprehensive preparation, we recommend referring to the recommended reading material listed with each certificate. After successfully completing your self-study certification exam, your certificate will be sent to your email and also available for immediate download via our dedicated certificate download page.

After successfully completing our self-study exam, you will receive your personal fitness trainer certification online, proving your knowledge in this rewarding and dynamic field of fitness training. As a Certified Personal Trainer (CPT), you will be actively involved in guiding clients on their journey to improving their health and fitness. Take the first step in your fitness career with our premium personal trainer certification. If you are passionate about fitness and have experience teaching, you can make a great personal trainer. The process to become a personal trainer is not as long or expensive as many other health care careers, including my own physical therapy.

In this article I will cover the basics of personal training and how it differs from my PT practice, while also guiding you to the resources you need to become a personal trainer yourself.

I’m a PT, but that’s not the same as a personal trainer. The two professions of physical therapy and personal training differ in scope, salary, education, clients and setting.

Personal Trainer Certification — National Fitness Professionals Association

In fact, many places use the term fitness training to better separate the two. Or, you can refer to a trainer as a CPT (Certified Personal Trainer) if they have this certification.

A certified personal trainer helps individuals or groups of clients achieve improved levels of fitness, flexibility or health through exercise planning and coaching. In contrast, a doctor of physical therapy (DPT) uses exercise and other techniques to help patients rehabilitate an injury, regain mobility, or relieve pain.

Both CPTs and DPTs provide their expertise by demonstrating and supervising exercises, scaling movements to be safe and effective for each client, and creating a long-term plan depending on each client’s goals.

Like physical therapists, personal trainers help people achieve a better quality of life through guided exercise. But CPT trains for a fraction of the cost—in time and money—and receives less than half the compensation of a physical therapist.

Tips For Effectively Working With A Personal Trainer, Expert Says — Eat This Not That

We dive into the steps to becoming a personal trainer, but it’s an initial decision that will determine some of the details of your journey.

Your qualifications are your qualifications, the letters that follow your name and indicate the type of training you received. Each certificate requires its own audit and reflects the practice of its certification body.

The NCCA, or National Commission for Accrediting Agencies, is the gold standard for personal training certification. There are currently at least 16 accredited organizations that provide NCCA-approved certification for personal training.

This is optional, but the shade is the most important step in this list. This will help you determine if a career in personal training is right for you and if so, save you time and money.

Example Of Personal Trainer Business Ideas

In addition to giving you a test, shadowing personal trainers regularly (yes, more than one!) will help you choose a certification and specialty. Plus, you’ll be able to gain hands-on experience from Day 1—an invaluable asset when building your resume and applying for jobs.

To sit your exam, you will need more than just a desire to succeed. Most certification exams require you to:

Perhaps the most unique prerequisite is your CPR/AED certification. Currently it is easy to fulfill this requirement online; Agencies like ISSA or NASM offer online CPR certification for as little as $50.

But before you sign up for a free course, make sure it meets the standards of your CPT certification, such as including a life skills test or a first aid component.

What Education Is Needed To Become A Personal Trainer?

Almost all certification bodies offer an exam preparation course that will help you learn all the information you need to pass the exam. In some cases, you can review the exam material beforehand to make sure you cover all the bases.

Many prep courses are available online, with rolling enrollment, and require 50-100 hours of study over weeks or months. Included with the CPR certification and exam registration fee, most courses range in price from $200 – $1400, depending on the level of support and the amount of study materials you purchase.

Simple, right? Just passed the test! Although easier said than done, passing your certification exam is not a one-shot deal. In most cases you can get the test back for a small fee.

Physical training tests range widely in price and length. But on average, the exam takes about 2 hours to complete and will cost you $300 if you haven’t already purchased a registration with your prep course.

Ncca Accredited Personal Trainer Certification From Nesta

Once you’ve tested it you’re not necessarily done with shadowing. After you’ve learned the material, completed your exam, and gained a new perspective on personal training, you may benefit from another round of shadowing. Some gyms and health clubs offer a personal training internship, which allows you to shadow regular trainers while gaining valuable experience.

This combination of current certification and hands-on experience will give your resume a one-two punch and help you land the job you want.

All certifications have an expiration date. Every two to three years, as a CPT (or other fitness trainer) you must periodically renew your certification to continue your practice.

Requirements for renewal vary by certification body. Typically, you pay a renewal fee (from $30 to $130), complete activities or continuing education courses (from 20 to 60 hours) and renew your CPR/AED certification.

The Many Benefits Of Personal Training

As a physical therapist, I am also required to complete continuing education as part of my periodic license renewals. I have tried several different providers of CEUs (continuing education units) both in person and online. While cheap CEUs are attractive, I think it’s worth finding a CEU provider that provides high-quality content in an easy-to-use platform. Reasonable price, annual.

Many accredited institutions combine continuing education courses with their prep courses and exam registration, which can save you money and the hassle of finding a good CEU provider.

You can find countless resources online to compare each CPT certification, but below is a summary of their key features.

In addition to regularly taking courses that pique your interest and expand your knowledge, you can advance your professional career by obtaining specific certifications.

Personal Trainers Share Their Secrets To Become A Successful Personal Trainer

A specialized certification broadens your knowledge and makes you more marketable as a personal trainer. Also, you may be able to earn a higher salary if you have qualifications in more than one specialty.

Regardless of your certification, the job outlook for personal training is excellent. The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects a 39% increase in personal training jobs by 2030.

Personal trainers are very different from physical therapists. But what we share in common—helping people achieve a better, healthier quality of life—brings meaningful job satisfaction across industries.

Finally, if you want a career in rehabilitation practice but don’t want a doctorate, consider becoming a physical therapist assistant or athletic trainer.

How To Get Certified As A Personal Trainer

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There is plenty of information available online and programs designed by professionals to help you get in shape, but it pays to take a more personal approach. If you can afford it, hiring a personal trainer is a great option, especially if you struggle to motivate yourself. You are less likely to interrupt your training

Personal Trainer: Is Hiring One Worth It?

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