How To Become An Air Force Pj

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How To Become An Air Force Pj – When an injured pilot needs rescue from a hostile or otherwise inaccessible area, we have a duty to get him home. As members of the Special Warfare Air Force, Pararescue (PJ) rescues and medically treats military personnel around the world. These trained specialists participate in every aspect of the mission, and are professionals with knowledge of parachutes, divers and rock climbers, even trained in the Arctic to find any environment to save lives when called upon.

Click through to see what it takes to become a PJ, so you can prepare before you enter the pipeline.

How To Become An Air Force Pj

High school (age 17 or older)*, high school diploma, GED certificate or 15 semester hours of college *High school students can begin their application at the end of their junior year.

Combat Rescue Officer

An Air Force combat controller (CCT) is an FAA-certified air traffic controller that provides combat operational support by conducting air traffic control. In this case, that means aiming an A-10 warthog where the enemy has taken off.

The training to become a special operator in the Air Force is one of the most difficult and difficult training in the world. Only a few have what it takes to go all the way, but those who do are ready for anything.

After being stuck in the mountains of Afghanistan and dealing with the enemy for several hours, this Air Force special operator takes matters into his own hands to end the war once and for all.

At Air Force Special Warfare, when we say, “Anywhere. Anytime. Anywhere,” there’s a good chance you’ll get muddy from time to time — especially when you’re behind the wheel of an MRZR.

What It Means To Be A U.s. Air Force Pararescue Jumper, According To 3 Pjs — Core Survival® Inc

They say that in order to pass special combat training in the Air Force, you have to endure absorption. These pilots who are training to become CCTs are doing so to prove themselves among the world’s most elite fighters.

“These things we do, so that others may live” is not just a slogan, these are the words that airmen use when they are called to put their lives on the line to bring another person into service.

Each Air Force operator has a unique skill set that they bring to the battlefield. But one thing they all have in common is that they know how to fight. This pilot checks his M4 before going to the range to train.

In addition to being expert divers, skiers and cross-country skiers, rock climbers and survivalists, Air Force Special Operators are also parachutists ready to provide assistance from above. when needed.

A Vocation As A Us Air Force Pj

Air Force special operators often work with other special forces teams to bring their expertise to the battlefield. These vehicles were engaged in the rescue of the MV-22 Osprey crane as part of the African Navy.

Air Force special operators conduct operations around the world, often in hostile environments. For this reason, they must be expert divers who undergo intensive water training to be ready for any situation.

If you have specific questions about joining the Air Force, are looking for more information, or are ready to apply, we are here to help.

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