AEW wrestler jeff hardy shirt arrested on DUI charges

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AEW wrestler jeff hardy shirt arrested on DUI charges

AEW wrestler jeff hardy shirt was arrested early Monday morning on DUI charges and for driving with a cancelled, suspended, or abandoned license. Mike Johnson reports that Hardy was arrested in Volusia County, Florida after a musical performance.

AEW wrestler jeff hardy shirt arrested on DUI charges
jeff hardy shirt

Powell’s POV This is Hardy’s third DUI arrest. He’s listed to scuffle in a graduation match on Wednesday’s AEW Dynamite. Although he’ll have his day in court, I’ll be dissatisfied if he’s allowed to scuffle this week. AEW President Tony Khan has yet to intimately note on the matter as of this update.
Former WWE name and current All Elite Wrestling star Jeff Hardy was arrested Monday in Volusia County for driving under the influence of alcohol jeff hardy shirt.

AEW wrestler jeff hardy shirt arrested on DUI charges

It happed on I- 95 when soldiers pulled Hardy over after entering calls about an disabled motorist around 1245a.m jeff hardy shirt.
Sports Judges say he is honored as one of the topmost professional wrestlers of all time, and he is one half of the Hardy Boyz label platoon sensation.

This time marks the third DUI for Hardy in four times jeff hardy shirt.
The arrest report says Hardy was condemned on two other separate DUIs from March 2018 and October 2019 in North Carolina.

The Florida Highway Patrol says in Monday’s case, Hardy’s performance on the exercises handed further than enough suggestions to arrest him for DUI.
“ I be to know Jeff and his family tête-à-tête, but this is not particular. This is a man who made a decision at least three times now in the once 10 times to drive while bloodied, ” said Bill DeMott, former wrestler and author of the Keri Anne Foundation.
DeMott’s son Keri Anne was killed nearly seven times ago by a reprise DUI lawbreaker.

The charitable foundation was started by the DeMott family to recognize Keri’s memory and to partake her story with the thing to one day end drunk, disabled and distracted driving.

AEW wrestler jeff hardy shirt arrested on DUI charges

According to the arrest report, when FHP caught up to Hardy, he was incorporating from I- 4 onto northbound I- 95 in a Dodge Charger that was “ traveling significantly under the speed limit, weaving across trip lanes and running off the shoulder of the thruway.”

“( His) license is abandoned, so we would like to know, how did he get the rental auto? Who allowed him to use the rental auto, and why is he driving? ” DeMott said.

The report also says Hardy was “ unsteady on his bases, stank of the odor of an alcoholic libation and was confused. ”

In speaking with Hardy, it was revealed to police that he’d been drinking earlier in the day, according to the report.

jeff hardy shirt
jeff hardy shirt

Hardy was arrested just before 10a.m. Monday.

“ When does it come important? When a life is lost? ” DeMott said.

A different former WWE star was arrested in Volusia County for alleged drunk driving in May.

Tammy” Sunny” Sytch is indicted of causing a fatal crash while bloodied in Ormond Beach.
A judge ordered Sytch to be jugged while she awaits trial.

As for Hardy, FHP says his first breath sample was at0.294, nearly further than three and a half times the legal limit.
Hardy had a driving restriction that needed him to have an interlock device in his vehicle, which the rental vehicle didn’t have.

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